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Thank you for visiting Fred's Fun PageWelcome to Fred's Fun Page. To the right of this page you will find the most current College Sports and Entertainment News, just click on a link to read the articles. You will also find two of Fred's newest games, Fred's Factory and Fred Says. Just click on a game below and try to get the highest score. Oh, and remember, We're Dealin'

Fred's FactoryGet the highest score! Remove the stones from the field by putting together three or more of the same color.

The more stones you put together in a group, the more points you'll get.

In higher levels, you can use special stones and bombs to help you out.

The game's speed increases each level.
Have Fun! PLAY

Fred SaysThe computer will show you a random color sequence. Click on the colors in the same sequence.

After each correct round, another color is added.

How many colors can you remember?

Have Fun! PLAY